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Ελαιώνας στην τραγαία Νάξου

Olives and olive oil is one of the main agricultural products of Naxos with more than 270,000 trees to be grown on the island, half of which are located in the basin of Tragaia.

The olive varieties that are found on the island of Naxos is the savory manaki and crowns, while several villages are mainly mountainous modern mills.

Naxos Honey

Another product for which Naxos can be proud for it's the quality is the honey. The locals honey owes its sophisticated aroma in thyme which is very popular on the island.

It is estimated that there are about Naxos 4,000 cells, each of which produces from 15 to 25 pounds of honey

Naxos marble

Famous for its quality marble from Naxos has always been one of the main export products of Naxos.

The marble of Naxos occurs mainly in the western part of the island.

In the famous marble quarries in the area of Apollonas the ancient quarrymen quarried the pieces of marble, as testified by the remains of quarrying products, but also the unfinished statues found in the surrounding area.

Naxos Citron

Citron Naxos

It is a liqueur produced exclusively in Naxos is a traditional Greek product with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

Citron is made by distilling the leaves of citrus and it can been fount in three versions, the green version is sweeter and has less alcohol, the yellow version is stronger and has less sugar and the plain citron which is something in between, and is recommended especially for young consumers to try it.

Ladotyri of Naxos (oil cheese)

The Ladotyri (oil cheese) of Naxos is the male cheese that is created if placed after preparation within a container with oil for a period of more than three months

Naxos gruyere

The Naxos gruyere cheese is a standard protected designation of origin made ​​from cow's milk from the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos.


The zamboni is cured pig's leg similar to Italian prosciutto that manufactured mainly in mountainous Naxos. The zamboni is made ​​with pork meat which after drain properly smeared all over with a spice blend that consists of pepper cinnamon and salt and then covered with coarse salt. Zamponi remains in salt for about six months.

Male cheese

The male cheese made from goat and sheep milk, usually collected in pens. With the addition of rennet at a temperature of about 38 degrees Celsius becoming the fermentation and gives the "manoura" which then drain into the baskets "TSIMISKI". After drain then removed TSIMISKI and cheeses are placed on boards in a cool and dark place. After a nearly six months during which there are regular epalleipseis with pure oil arsenic cheese is ready to eat with a special characteristic flavor.
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