Sagkri is a village of Naxos that is located 11km southeast of the Naxos town, in the center of the island in one of the most fertile areas of Naxos.
According to the last census, the village has about 350 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

The sacred church of the village is dedicated to the Archangels. It is known for its beautiful architecture, the scattered monasteries and the archaeological site of the ancient Temple of Demeter in Gyroulas. Neat the village is located is the tower Bazeos.


Damarionas Naxos is a mountainous village in the center of Naxos 15 km from the town, which is connected to the main roads Country - Tragaia.
The village has been declared as a traditional settlement and estimated that its construction began in 1400 AD even consider that initially the villagers lived in the coastal region of Ayiassos but the fear of pirates forced them in 1400 AD to move to their current location.


It is a small village located in the mountainous Naxos. It is situated on the eastern slopes of Mount Koronos and is about 34 km from Naxos Town. Is the next village from Koronos Naxos and is included in emery of Naxos.

Skado is a small village with two storey houses surrounded by trees that in summer are sources oasis of serenity for guests.

The church of the village is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary and according to tradition, was built in the Ottoman period.

Today, few of the residents are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.


The Middle is a small picturesque village on the way to Apollo on the northeastern side of the island, 43 km from the town.
It is believed that was named mesi, which means middle , because it is located between Skado and Apollo.

The village has a perennial plane tree that is considered to be the centre of all cultural events such as feasts and festivals.

Visitors to the Middle can visit the folklore museum housed in the old elementary school and the traditional renovated oil press.

Τσικαλαριό και Χείμαρος

Tsikalario with Ximaros , are two small villages with common church and elementary school that forming the settlement of the Zoodoxos Pigis in the
basin of Tragaia.

The village is located 9 km from the town of Naxos is the road between Halki and Potamia and has 174 residents in 2011 according to the 2011 census.


Moni is located on the main road Naxos ( Chora) - Halki - Monastery - Crucifix - Crown - Skado - Komiaki - Apollo .
It is built on a hillside with spectacular views of the valey of Tragea . It took its name from the church of Our Lady of Drosiani that used to be a monastery .


Engares located in the western Naxos few miles north of Naxos Town just after the village Galini. From Eggares passes the west highways Naxos - Eggares - Apollon Naxos.

Around Eggares extends fertile plain with abundant water river starting from Keramoti and ends in it. A large part of agricultural products of Naxos comes from Eggares .

Engares on the last census ( 2001 ) numbered 197 residents , a number that in summer season almost goes five times more .

Close to Eggares and Serenity is one of the Aeolian Parks of Naxos.

Potamia (River)

One of the best and most traditional villages of the island is the Potamia . It is eight kilometers from the island's capital and port.
Potamia is located between a lush valley with ancient trees and orchards .
The name of the village which in greek means river comes from the rivers flowing through it and do not stop running either winter or summer.

Agios Arsenius

Agios Arsenius or Agersani, is the largest village in the lowlands Naxos, in population and area , and one of the largest of the island . In 1952 it numbered about 900 inhabitants. When the 2001 census was 1,138 residents .
According to tradition the name comes from a small church of Agios Arsenius , which is close to the village. The earliest mention of the place name is a letter of the Duke of Crispus April 1, 1435 as "In lo luoco de Gersani" = place of Gersaniou . ( N.Kefalliniadis Agersani - TOWN ) . The sacred temple of the village is dedicated to Saint Spyridon.


The Glynado ( officially Glynados ) is one of the 30 villages falling in the Municipality of Naxos .

In 1955 it numbered 583 inhabitants. It is one of the first villages of Naxos with elementary school and installed telegraph . The village nowadays has 509 inhabitants.

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