Kouros of Melanes

Kouros Melanon located in Flerio outside the village of Melana Kouros is one of the finest examples of the art of Naxos. It has a length of 6 meters and has made ​​around 570 BC This is the unfinished statue of a teenager who is "lying" in an orchard and a leg is broken. Nearby is the ancient quarry and speculated that his foot broke during transportation of the statue.


37° 5' 21.6204" N, 25° 26' 38.9472" E

What's Nearby

Tower Fragopoulos - Della Rocca

Tower Fragopoulos - Della Rocca in Kourounochori is one of the oldest towers in Naxos, dating from the 14th century.
The tower consists of three floors and defensive fortification as defensive ramparts, zematistres and cages.

In the gallery there is a marble table with the inscription «1727 DRSCNOSPA», a remnant of the time when the tower belonged to
Somaripa family.

Potamia (River)

One of the best and most traditional villages of the island is the Potamia . It is eight kilometers from the island's capital and port.
Potamia is located between a lush valley with ancient trees and orchards .
The name of the village which in greek means river comes from the rivers flowing through it and do not stop running either winter or summer.


Explore Naxos is a tourist guide that help you exploring Naxos island.


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