Damarionas Naxos is a mountainous village in the center of Naxos 15 km from the town, which is connected to the main roads Country - Tragaia.
The village has been declared as a traditional settlement and estimated that its construction began in 1400 AD even consider that initially the villagers lived in the coastal region of Ayiassos but the fear of pirates forced them in 1400 AD to move to their current location.

According to tradition, the village took its name from the Damaris, the Athenian who along with St. Dionysius first embraced Christianity. The Damaris later spread Christianity to those Damarionites and to honor her, they gave her name to the village.

Main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture and livestock, while the village has the most modern mill in the island.


37° 3' 7.632" N, 25° 28' 47.2224" E

What's Nearby

Τσικαλαριό και Χείμαρος

Tsikalario with Ximaros , are two small villages with common church and elementary school that forming the settlement of the Zoodoxos Pigis in the
basin of Tragaia.

The village is located 9 km from the town of Naxos is the road between Halki and Potamia and has 174 residents in 2011 according to the 2011 census.


Explore Naxos is a tourist guide that help you exploring Naxos island.


Naxos Port (+30) 22850 23292
Naxos Airport (+30) 22850 23292
Customs Naxos (+30) 22850 22238
KTEL Naxos (+30) 22850 22291
RadioTaxi Naxos (+30) 22850 22444
RadioTaxi Koronida Naxos (+30) 22850 81231
Hospital Naxos (+30) 22853 60500
Mail Naxos (+30) 22850 22211
Police Naxos (+30) 22850 23280
Tourist Police (+30) 22850 22100
Fire Naxos (+30) 22850 32199
Archaeological Museum of Naxos (+30) 22850 22725
Naxos Municipality (+30) 22853 60100

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