Aliko located on the southwestern side of Naxos and is 20 km from the town. The beach is surrounded by cedar trees and dunes acquires an exotic beauty. The beach access is easy via the road network.
Αλυκό Νάξος
Αλυκό Νάξος
Αλυκό Νάξος
Αλυκό Νάξος


36° 58' 36.84" N, 25° 23' 17.376" E

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The name of the beach comes from the homonymous hill in the area, who was watchtower for pirates. A paradise of natural beauty of the hinterland where cedars grow. Beautiful and very long sandy beach. Ideal location for unforgettable breathtaking sunsets. A magnificent game of colors of the sun at sunset. Looking from above will cause you to think that Naxos is a dominant force in seascapes.


Glyfada is a sandy beach on the southwestern side of the island, 17km from the town. The beach is accessed via the road Chora - Aliko.

It is a quiet beach with dunes and cedars which besides swimming it is also very good for water sports such as kite surf and wind surf.


Explore Naxos is a tourist guide that help you exploring Naxos island.


Naxos Port (+30) 22850 23292
Naxos Airport (+30) 22850 23292
Customs Naxos (+30) 22850 22238
KTEL Naxos (+30) 22850 22291
RadioTaxi Naxos (+30) 22850 22444
RadioTaxi Koronida Naxos (+30) 22850 81231
Hospital Naxos (+30) 22853 60500
Mail Naxos (+30) 22850 22211
Police Naxos (+30) 22850 23280
Tourist Police (+30) 22850 22100
Fire Naxos (+30) 22850 32199
Archaeological Museum of Naxos (+30) 22850 22725
Naxos Municipality (+30) 22853 60100

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