Agios Georgios

The Agios George beach is the closest beach to the town of Naxos and permanent owner of blue flag, is a fully organized with many cafes and sunbeds. The beach of Agios Georgios characterized as a sandy beach with shallow waters, sheltered from the winds.
Αγιος Γεωργιος πλαζ Ναξος
Αγιος Γεωργιος πλαζ Ναξος
Agios Georgios naxos beach


37° 6' 0.4896" N, 25° 22' 27.1416" E

What's Nearby


The gate Portara, was part of the temple of Apollo, located in islet of Palatia which connects with the city by a narrow strip of land. The temple of Apollo, dates back to the 6th century. B.C. was built by the tyrant Lygdami, but remained unfinished because of the fall of tyranny.


A sacred place of the Aegean with uninterrupted life and function from the 14th century B.C. up to our times. It is the cradle of the Ionic order of the monumental Greek architecture.

The sancturay of Iria has been located (1982), investigated (1986-1996) and presented to the public (1992-1996) by the University of Athens in collaboration with the Polytechnical School of Munich, with the financial support of both Univesities as well as the Ministry of Culture (research) and the Ministry of Aegean (presentation).


Explore Naxos is a tourist guide that help you exploring Naxos island.


Naxos Port (+30) 22850 23292
Naxos Airport (+30) 22850 23292
Customs Naxos (+30) 22850 22238
KTEL Naxos (+30) 22850 22291
RadioTaxi Naxos (+30) 22850 22444
RadioTaxi Koronida Naxos (+30) 22850 81231
Hospital Naxos (+30) 22853 60500
Mail Naxos (+30) 22850 22211
Police Naxos (+30) 22850 23280
Tourist Police (+30) 22850 22100
Fire Naxos (+30) 22850 32199
Archaeological Museum of Naxos (+30) 22850 22725
Naxos Municipality (+30) 22853 60100

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