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"Γλύκα μεγάλη είχε το νησί ετούτο, αγαθά τα πρόσωπα των ανθρώπων, σωροί τα πεπόνια, τα ροδάκινα, τα σύκα κι η θάλασσα ήρεμη. Κοίταζα τους ανθρώπους – ποτέ οι άνθρωποι αυτοί δεν τρόμαξαν από σεισμό ή από Τούρκο, και τα μάτια τους δεν καίγουνταν. Εδώ η λευτεριά είχε σβήσει τη λαχτάρα για τη λευτεριά, κι η ζωή απλώνουνταν ευτυχισμένο κοιμάμενο νερό. Κι αν κάποτε ταράζουνταν, ποτέ δε σήκωνε τρικυμία. Ασφάλεια ήταν το πρώτο δώρο του νησιού που ένιωσα περιδιαβάζοντας στη Νάξο"

(Ν. Καζαντζάκη – «Αναφορά στον Γκρέκο»).


Naxos is located in the center of the Aegean sea routes and with its long history, the monuments and the intense tourist life, holds a unique position among the other Cycladic islands.

Naxos is the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades and the tenth largest island of Greece the population of the island is approximately 12,000 residents.

The shape of the island is ellipsoid and there is a mountainous volume from North to South across the island. The backbone of this ridge dominate Za Mountain (1004 m) and Lantern (908 m) is the highest mountain in the Cyclades. The coastline of Naxos is 44 nautical miles and the extent of the island reaches 428 square kilometers.
The coastline of Naxos is almost straight and not forming large natural harbors, which affected the occupations of the inhabitants of ancient times.

Naxos is located in the center of the Aegean.The distance from t he Port of of Piraeus is 103 nautical miles and from the port of Rafina 87 nautical miles.

Naxos is one of the richest islands in the Cyclades. Main crops are cereals, the famous Naxos potatoes, legumes, many olive trees, citrus and other fruit. From citrus made ​​the citrus liker while tising is livestock products of Naxos, including Naxos gruyere cheese and Kefalotyri.


Explore Naxos is a tourist guide that help you exploring Naxos island.


Naxos Port (+30) 22850 23292
Naxos Airport (+30) 22850 23292
Customs Naxos (+30) 22850 22238
KTEL Naxos (+30) 22850 22291
RadioTaxi Naxos (+30) 22850 22444
RadioTaxi Koronida Naxos (+30) 22850 81231
Hospital Naxos (+30) 22853 60500
Mail Naxos (+30) 22850 22211
Police Naxos (+30) 22850 23280
Tourist Police (+30) 22850 22100
Fire Naxos (+30) 22850 32199
Archaeological Museum of Naxos (+30) 22850 22725
Naxos Municipality (+30) 22853 60100

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